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Well, Mr President, about forty chapters ago this arc of the manga was about me competing in A HORSE RACE

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The new announcement for P4U2 is the first of three new characters for the new arcade update — Hanako Ootani from the original game. While she played a minor role as comedy relief in the story, the new events in the story have awakened her latent potential as a persona user.
More to come as Famitsu is translated.


A quick PSA, because working in a New Age store I realize a lot of people don’t know this.  Keep in mind this is the simple version.

The fella on the left-hand side, that’s Gautama Buddha, the Buddha, the central figure in Buddhism.  Note that he is not considered a god, but a teacher and spiritual leader, the first to attain Enlightenment in his era.  Note also how thin he is.  This is because the Buddha fasted a lot.  He was born Siddhartha Gautama.  Buddha is a title, and not actually his name.

The fella on the right-hand side is not Buddha.  This is a common misconception in the West.  That is Hotai (or Budai or Hotei depending on the language), a Buddhist monk from China and folkloric hero.  Hotai is thought by many to be a Buddha, but he is not the Buddha.  Unlike Buddha, Hotai actually is revered as a god in Chinese folklore, although not in Buddhist practice.

This post is based on things I’ve been taught by my Buddhist coworker but if I forgot or mixed up something important and you are Buddhist and you notice, please let me know.

This has been an informational post.  Have a nice day.

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When the teacher asks why you forgot your homework


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King Dedede…was never able to go back to Pop Star… Becoming a lifeform between organic and mineral, he wandered an eternity into the endless abyss known as Kirby’s gut. Being unable to die even though he wished for it, King Dedede eventually stopped thinking.

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oi man, I’m going to plan a art giveaway sometime after my exams

just give me some time to plan



25th Anniversary for the serialization of Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure, with each manga artist contributing some art for the special booklet celebrating it!

Part 1

The Oda one is FABULOUS.

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white people

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Happy Birthday to Giorno!



I think there should be a dr game involving the fifteen Togami siblings that takes place during the heir selection process. I compiled a list of suitable characters:

  • third wheel togami
  • wears velcro on shoes due to inability to tie laces togami
  • gels hair in attempt to obtain protag ahoge at 3am togami
  • abba fan togami
  • had laser eye surgery togami
  • very passionate about big bang theory togami
  • never contributes to anything and instead just poses in the background togami
  • hagakure
  • bushy eyebrows togami
  • collects little porcelain animals togami
  • never wears sleeves togami
  • gets around on a skateboard togami
  • never takes off sunglasses even when inside or in bed togami
  • twogami
  • regular togami


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Total lunar eclipse for the Americas on April 14th 15th 2014




in 11th grade art we had to make mythical creatures with clay but i didn’t want to do that so i made a log and added a lil worm friend on top of it but my teacher got mad and said i had to make it mythical so i added a horn to it and made it a uniworm

this is why art classes in schools suck. That is a bloody amazing log. look at the texture, the colour. The worm is incredible and the teacher is unhappy because it was supposed to be mythical? Who the fuck cares? will the teacher have their pay docked if a student makes a logworm instead of a basilisk???

This furthers the argument that school is about following instructions, not learning. That really is a great sculpture, by the way.

"My teacher wasn’t happy with my work because I didn’t feel like doing the clearly explained assignment" well yes, in school, as well as any job, you are given tasks to complete, and doing a completely different task than the one you were given for no reason other than "i didn’t wanna" isn’t going to get anything done
it’s like being commissioned to draw Josuke Higashikata and Crazy Diamond, and thinking “nah I don’t feel like it” and drawing a gorilla juggling three iPhones instead; I don’t care what kind of detail you put in that fur, it ain’t no pompadoured JoJo and his Stand